How Much Is Wartrol?


So how much is Wartrol compared to most other genital wart treatments currently on the market?

This article is going to be dedicated to exploring the different price ranges of many of the current well known treatments as well as attempting to place an estimated price value on each. So without further a due, let’s find out how much is Wartrol going to cost you exactly.

How Much Is Wartrol Going to Cost You?

Unlike most treatment products on the market, Wartrol rewards you when you buy more. There are in affect 4 different options of purchasing this product and they are –

One Month Supply($49.90)Two Month Supply($10 saving @ $89.90)Four Month Supply($50 saving @ $149.90)Six Month Supply($100 saving @ $199.90)

As you can tell from the above packages, there’s definitely a lot of benefit going with a long term package as you’re going to save a hec of a lot of money. For example let’s compare the 6 month to the one month package.

Going with the 6 month option, will mean that you’d only be paying just over $30/month, saving almost $20/month. My advice however would be to test it out for 2 months initially before you dive into a long term package.

Why two months and not one you may ask? The reason being, for some people, the full effects of the remedy may not be noticed until the 4-6 week stage of treatment, therefore purchasing one month worth of Wartrol, may not be enough for a sufficient trial. If you have already tried out Wartrol or a similar brand and you know it worked well for you, then obviously you’re better off going for the six month package.

Aldara Cream

Aldara cream is a type of immune response modifier, meaning that it basically gives your immune system a place to target it’s efforts on. Genital warts are a disease related to deficiencies in the immune system, therefore Aldara works by essentially hardwiring the immune system to work harder on genital wart symptoms when they arrive.

So how much is it?

A typical one month supply of Aldara is expensive and costs around $250. It’s great to have a tube of it handy as it does work fast on symptoms, however unlike Wartrol, it doesn’t have the ability to support you in the long term.


Condylox is a brown liquid that causes a burning sensation around the areas where symptoms are present.  It must ONLY be used externally as some of the chemicals used in its recipe are highly dangerous when ingested. Again this form of treatment is expensive, around $200 for a 3.5ml tube!

Interferon Injection

Interferon is a type of antiviral drug which has to be injected into your body by your doctor and in the past results have varied from person to person. It’s worth trying out as if it’s successful it could remove symptoms for a couple of months. In saying that, again it is an expensive drug so it’s probably not the best treatment option for most people.

So I hope the question of how much is Wartrol has now been answered for you and you can now make a proper informed decision as to whether or not you would like to try it out.

Because I’ve been using Wartrol for a while now, I was able to come up with some techniques that have helped me maximize my results with Wartrol greatly. I took a while to figure out what works better then what, but eventually I was able to come up with a great strategy that I think has ultimately made the difference.